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Our play-based curriculum is built on the Responsive Curriculum and Vermont Early Learning Standards (VELS). Activities address all developmental domains, including cognitive, social, emotional and physical, and are planned in response to children’s needs, interests, and questions about their world. We feel children learn best through play and therefore, we provide opportunities for children to play and explore their environment frequently throughout their daily schedule. Teachers observe and record individual and group behavior and plan activities, projects and themes to support and extend children’s inquiries, the exploration of their environment and their relationships. Teachers plan curriculum in all content and developmental areas, as a flexible framework for teaching, and to support the development of daily plans and learning experiences. The classroom environment is set up to promote independence and the opportunity for discovery and experimentation. Curriculum is developed to be accessible to all children based on the recognition that children differ in their learning styles, home lives, and in the ways that they understand and represent their world.

Company Overview

We provide a special place to for children and families to grow, feel accepted, feel good about themselves and others and develop to their fullest potential. The basis of our program is play, a child’s “work”. Through play in a carefully planned environment, we guide each child’s social, emotional, physical and cognitive development. A positive self-image and the confidence to handle new situations are important for success in the formal learning process and life. We pledge to provide each child with the time, space, flexibility and stimulation needed to mature at his or her own rate. We support and nurture families in the challenges they experience by providing information, reassurance, and resources as needed.

Winter Weather Policy

If Thatcher Brook Primary School has a delay, TCELS will have the same delay.  If Thatcher Brook is closed, we will have a 90 minute delay with the option of closing. Check WCAX online and phone us for the latest updates.


All programs were set up according to the guidelines of the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC), yet we are independent of membership. We are a 4STARS rated program (Step Ahead Recognition System of Vermont).

A partnership of families, educators, and community supporting children in their discoveries as they prepare for life's experiences. 

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