It is with great pleasure that I write The Children’s Early Learning Space’s first blog entry. I have been the
Program Director of TCELS for the past 3 years. Over this time, I have seen us grow and change while keeping
perspective on our relationships with children and families. The role of Program Director has been an adventure,
learning about the growing services available for our families and making the connections that bring our philosophy,
mission and vision to the community. Sitting on the Bright Futures Council of professionals and working with
Children’s Integrated Services and Thatcher Brook Primary School has shed light on who we can connect our families
with, and where we can grow. I enjoy working with teachers and have made it a priority to support our classrooms.

Before becoming Director, I taught in each of our programs, investing myself in the children’s learning and watching
them evolve from infants to preschoolers. I have a passion for helping children learn how to build healthy
relationships. This is important for developing their confidence and mental health and increases their motivation to
learn. I’ve learned as much from them as they’ve learned from me. The launch of our website is another growing
experience that honestly would not have happened as quickly, or as neatly, if we did not have the dedication of our
Office Manager Karen. I am so excited about this new adventure as a way for us to be able to reach out with
information about who we are and how we can connect families with the resources they need. Each TCELS family touches
my life as they share their most precious gift for a moment in time, a time that will remain as a special memory.

(Tina Grant is the former Program Director of The Children's Early Learning Space)