20161215 104145 0042For children 6 weeks through approximately 18 months old, the Infant/Toddler program serves not more that eight children per day and supports a 4:1 ratio between staff and children. IT spaces are designed to be safe, nurturing, stimulating places for infants and young toddlers to explore their environment and each other.

Our Infant/Toddler routine allows for the diverse napping and eating times of its participants. Infants are fed by their primary caregiver according to their individual schedule. When infants are upset, their primary caregiver makes sure all of their basic needs are met and will hold, rock and comfort them as needed. These youngest children learn best from play, exploring interesting spaces, materials and other people, and we strive to provide them with a day full of opportunities for exploration.

A partnership of families, educators, and community supporting children in their discoveries as they prepare for life's experiences. 

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