preschoolFor children 3 through 5 years old, the Preschool program serves no more than twenty children per day, maximizing our staff to child ratio at 1:10. It provides a familiar structure, within which children can make choices throughout the day about their activities. 

The staff works to create a balance of staff-directed activities based on the children’s interests and open-ended free play. This encourages the children to extend and enrich their interactions with each other and with the diverse materials available to inspire creative play.

Weather permitting, our daily routines in all programs are enlivened with as much time as possible spent in nature, and with free-play, games, walks, regular field trips and enrichment programs.

We are part of the Act 166 partnership for the Universal Preschool Program.  Registration for Universal Preschool Programs must be through both your home school district and TCELS.  We can assist you with any needs you may have through that process.

A partnership of families, educators, and community supporting children in their discoveries as they prepare for life's experiences. 

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